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University Physics Pdf Book Download. Physics encompasses the large and the small, the old and the new. From the atom to galaxies, from electrical circuitry to aerodynamics, physics is very much a part of the world around us.

You probably are taking this introductory course in calculus-based physics because it is required for subsequent courses that you plan to take in preparation for a career in science or engineering.

Your professor wants you to learn physics and to enjoy the experience. He or she is very interested in helping you learn this fascinating subject. That is part of the reason your professor chose this textbook for your course.

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That is also the reason Drs. Young and Freedman asked me to write this introductory section. We want you to succeed! The purpose of this section of University Physics is to give you some ideas that will assist your learning. Specific suggestions on how to use the textbook will follow a brief discussion of general study habits and strategies.


If you had high school physics, you will probably learn concepts faster than those who have not because you will be familiar with the language of physics. If English is a second language for you, keep a glossary of new terms that you encounter and make sure you understand how they are used in physics.

Likewise, if you are further along in your mathematics courses, you will pick up the mathematical aspects of physics faster. Even if your mathematics is adequate, you may find a book such as Arnold D. Pickar’s Preparing for General Physics: Math Skill Drills and Other Useful Help (Calculus Version) to be useful. Your professor may assign sections of this math review to assist your learning.


Each of us has a different learning style and a preferred means of learning. Understanding your own learning style will help you to focus on aspects of physics that may give you difficulty and to use those components of your course that will help you overcome the difficulty.

Obviously, you will want to spend more time on those aspects that give you the most trouble. If you learn by hearing, lectures will be very important. If you learn by explaining, then working with other students will be useful to you. If solving problems is difficult for you, spend more time learning how to solve problems.

Also, it is important to understand and develop good study habits. Perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself is set aside adequate, regularly scheduled study time in a distraction-free environment

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University Physics Pdf Book Download

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